Releasing The Eagles


By Pat Hodges

Very recently Misty and I were ministering in a leadership conference here in the Dallas area with Judy Brooks (some of you may know who she is) of Empowering International Ministries. The name of the conference was “Eagles Arising Stronger”. During the conference the Lord addressed that He wants more that just the eagles to arise, He wants them released!

The release of the eagles marks a shift in the prophetic season we’re in. Some have been “sidelined” by the Lord for a prophetic “refitting” of equipment, while others are being released for the first time. Some have gone through a season in the “cave” as Elijah experienced in 1 Kings 19, others have been patiently waiting to get their feathers for their first flight.

I want to address those of you who’ve been in your cave. Some of you thought it was circumstances that took you into your cave season, others it seemed as though you just grew too tired and needed a rest. You’ve probably have been feeling like you failed God and the ministry. After all, why would you feel like you’ve been walking in such dark places, with little or no vision at all if it weren’t for “failure”? But the word of the Lord to you is, He brought you to that cave you’ve been in! He brought you to this place to restore your soul and to rebuild the broken places in your life so you can progress in your walk with Him (not just in your ministry).

Others of you have been in the cave for a refitting, you’ve been there for a repurposing. Promotion time is on the horizon although it may feel like it’s been a season of demotion. God has been stripping away the old to refit you with the new. When this happens our ministries change, grow and progress. The anointing He has put in you strengthens. The sphere of influence often times grows. With this greater authority comes greater responsibility.

Much of the time we equate inactivity in ministry with wasted time, when in fact that may not be the case at all. A very well know minister by the name of Bob Jones told me once, “When God gives you a vacation, you’d better take it, ’cause you’re going to need it for the next season”. It’s in these seasons of activity that God can bring transformation in our lives and ministries. Many of you have been and are going through these transformations.

Be encouraged, you aren’t “doomed” to inactivity forever.

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