Our Vision

Our Vision here at Omega Ministries is:
To teach “Kingdom Principles” concerning the mind and will of God as they apply to the Body of Christ in these last days.
To assist the unveiling of the person of Jesus Christ, as He relates to the Body of Christ today. Not merely as a historical figure, but as part of the God Head, who is very active in the midst of His church in this present day and time.
To encourage and assist with the manifestation and growth of the “5 fold” ministries to come up and to come forth from the midst of the assembly.
To build and maintain a ministry “platform” that will be open for the “5 fold” ministry gifts given to the Body of Christ, with the emphasis on “corporate” ministry. Not restricted to the “5 fold” ministry only, but giving room for the “corporate” anointing to move and flow through the congregation in conjunction with the “5 fold” ministry. So, in doing so, the Body can flow together as one entity with each joint supplying that which is needed as is directed by the Spirit of God.
To assist in training the Body of Christ in the operations and functions of the Holy Spirit.
(Ephesians 4:11-16) Omega Ministries has been given the commission and vision to assist with the training of people those just like you, for ministry in accordance with Ephesians 4:11-12, so that you can become a functioning member of the body of Christ as The Lord intended, that we may all be able to bring in the harvest of souls.
This equipping is accomplished in several ways:
1. Training in the Word {2 Timothy 2:15}
2. Training in the Gifts of the Spirit and their use
3. Empowering and releasing people into their gifts so that they can
reach their maximum potential in the body of Christ.